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I spent 25 years as a brand marketing executive at Nabisco, Kraft Foods, Cadbury, and Godiva. Throughout my career, I crafted identities, using just ‘One Word’, for some of the world’s most iconic brands such as Planters, Chips Ahoy!, Dentyne, and Godiva. In these episodes, I will challenge listeners to think differently about the brands they interact with every day by showing how their ‘One Word’ core value helps them break through the clutter and stand-out. Let’s listen to today’s brand clip…OREO.
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What does it mean to be a brand?

One of the most critical barriers to success is understanding what a brand is and what a brand is NOT. I get this question all the time. Let me tell you what a brand is NOT: A brand is NOT a name, logo, tag-line, package design or the product itself. I call these elements: Window-dressing your brand. A brand is simply an EMOTIONAL IDENTITY that differentiates products, services and people.

As a former marketing executive at global multi-billion dollar consumer products companies like Nabisco, Kraft Foods, Cadbury and Godiva, I successfully crafted emotional identities for some of the world’s most iconic brands. Over the course of 25 years, a frequent challenge I faced was communicating the role a brand played in consumer’s lives…in other words its Core Value. To solve this problem, I developed a process to label that brand’s Core Value using just ‘One Word’. This helps consumers understand what they are actually buying.

During this series, I will select a brand I worked on or studied and share it’s ‘One Word Core Value.

So let’s turn to today’s brand clip…OREO

I’m sure everyone knows that there are three ways to eat an Oreo – the twist, lick or dunk ritual?

To showcase the power America’s Favorite Cookie plays in people’s lives, I want to share my favorite Oreo commercial of all time called WEBCAM. It starts with a father and son performing the Oreo ritual we have all grown to love. Both twist it to separate, Both then lick the cream, both then dunk their Oreo into milk.

The dad says Good Night Buddy
The son says Good Morning Dad

As the commercial comes to an end, the camera pans back and you see that the dad is on a business trip and they did their nightly Oreo ritual online.

This commercial highlights why Oreo is a Billion $$ brand that continues to stand the test of time. Even in today’s increasingly digital world, eating an Oreo still has the power to CONNECT families. There are simple activities one can do to maintain a CONNECTED relationship and Oreo clearly shows you how to effortlessly do this.

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s this:
Your product is NOT your brand.
Your brand is your Core Value…AND
You use your product as the vehicle to drive your Core Value.
OREO uses their cookie to drive their Core Value of CONNECTION.

The next time you twist, lick or dunk an OREO, remember:

I’m Rich Keller, The CATALYST and see you next time on The CATALYST Effect!

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