Episode 62

Alexa Gambardella

Episodes will include conversations with thought-leading entrepreneurs, emotionally intelligent business leaders and college and high school trailblazers who have accepted my challenge, discovered their ‘One Word’ personal brand and are sharing it with the world in ways that are helping them Stand-out Conquer Obstacles and Reach Excellence, in other words, SCORE.

Here are the 5 things you need to know about today’s guest, Alexa Gambardella:

Number 1:

Alexa is a graduate of Emory University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Global Health.

Number 2:

Upon discovering her ‘One Word’, Alexa makes a seismic shift in her professional life that drives home my branding philosophy that “All it takes is ‘One Word’ to Stand-out Conquer Obstacles Reach Excellence and SCORE.” You’ll be inspired to take action and discover your own ‘One Word’!

Number 3:

In this episode, you will learn about an employee engagement program Alexa Co-founded at Vitech dedicated to building community, cultivating employee talent, and strengthening communication across the company.

Number 4:

Alexa shares a story about wanting to “Fit In” at 10 years old based on society’s expectations of what girls were supposed to look like. You will be moved when you hear the advice Alexa would now give her 10 year old self if she had the chance to do it all over again.


Number 5:

Alexa’s ‘One Word’ Personal Brand…Take a listen to this episode to hear her answer.

Let’s meet Alexa Gambardella.

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