Episode 70

Leslie Weirich: Sharing her son Austin’s story to wage war against youth suicide!

Episodes will include conversations with people from all walks-of-life who share how their struggles and disruptive moments (both big and small) become pivot points in their lives. While each person’s journey will be unique, the one common thread is that their triumphs will inspire you to seek your own CATALYST EFFECT. Let’s do this!

Here are the 5 things you need to know about today’s guest, Leslie Weirich:

Number 1: Leslie is honoring her 20-year old son Austin, who died by suicide in September, 2016, by doing battle for other youth who lose hope. Leslie now devotes much of her life tirelessly campaigning for suicide prevention, by speaking to teens, young adults, and parents around the world.

Number 2: Despite Austin having it all – perfect grades, scholar athlete, President of his class, the list goes on – he took his own life and Leslie believes Austin’s story has the power to save other young lives, and spare other parents the devastating loss they experienced.

Number 3: In this episode, Leslie shares the one question she asked 3 High School audiences that led to her CATALYST MOMENT.

Number 4: Leslie also discusses brain science, specifically the role the pre-frontal cortex plays in suicide and suicide prevention.


Number 5: The ‘One Word’ I chose for Leslie’s story that embodies the message I want everyone to walk away with after our conversation!

Let’s meet Leslie Weirich!

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