Episode 71

Brooke Eby: Fighting ‘ALS’ With Humor!

Episodes will include conversations with people from all walks-of-life who share how their struggles and disruptive moments (both big and small) become pivot points in their lives. While each person’s journey will be unique, the one common thread is that their triumphs will inspire you to seek your own CATALYST EFFECT. Let’s do this!

Here are the 5 things you need to know about today’s guest, Brooke Eby:

Number 1:

Brooke was 29 years old when she experienced her first symptoms. It would be four years before she received her official ALS diagnosis at the age of 33.

Number 2:

Brooke shares an experience at her friend’s wedding that shifted her entire perspective on how she was going to process her diagnosis.

Number 3:

Brooke turned to her strong sense of humor to bring her ALS story to the social media world. With millions of views, Brooke’s ultimate goal is that her humor continues to boost others through difficult times.

Number 4:

Brooke shares how a private message on Instagram led to a game-changing donation match for her ALS fundraiser.


Number 5:

The ‘One Word’ I chose for Brooke’s story that embodies the message I want everyone to walk away with after our conversation.

Let’s meet Brooke Eby

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