Episode 72

Happy Jack: A Mom’s Quest to Continue Her Son’s Legacy

Episodes will include conversations with people from all walks-of-life who share how their struggles and disruptive moments (both big and small) become pivot points in their lives. While each person’s journey will be unique, the one common thread is that their triumphs will inspire you to seek your own CATALYST EFFECT. Let’s do this!

On July 3rd, 2020, Bradi Nathan got the call no parent ever wants to receive: her son, Jack, had passed away at the age of nineteen. The prior evening, Jack had been at a friend’s birthday party and swallowed, what he thought, was a Percocet. The pill was laced with Fentanyl.

One Party

One Night

One Pill

One Millisecond Decision

Jack never woke up.

Bradi Nathan took over her son’s brand, Happy Jack, with the intention of continuing to raise awareness about mental health. She decided to carry on what Jack had started in order to pay tribute to his memory and complete his objective!

This is Happy Jack Mom’s motivational story.

Let’s meet Bradi Nathan.

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