How to SCORE an Acceptance
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All It Takes Is ‘One Word’!

What’s Included



Zoom session to get to know the student, and show them how to complete the ‘One Word’ Workbook



Rich will read and analyze student’s completed ‘One Word’ Workbook



Zoom session where Rich shares insights from the student’s Workbook; finalizes his/her ‘One Word’



Zoom session to brainstorm topics for Personal “Brand” Statement based on his/her ‘One Word’

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Extra coaching session

Topic is individually curated by student/family!


a FREE signature Buff
showcasing your ‘One Word’

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The Parent’s Perspective on the Power of ‘One Word’

“The college admissions process is a roller coaster and completely overwhelming. It is rare that you have someone on your child’s “team” who is as committed, original, out-of-the-box, and authentic as Rich Keller! Rich’s approach to finding your CORE VALUE is a unique combination of digging deep, looking inward, standing out, and truly understanding what makes you tick (and different). This is not easy for a high schooler to know who they are, yet Rich makes it fun and rewarding.

Through Rich’s ‘One Word’ workbook, our entire family engaged in the process. Our son discovered a clear sense of who he is, and this helped him define a unique path for himself; he learned how to lean into his passions and communicate those in his essays! He was able to tell HIS STORY with a clear, consistent and powerful thread throughout his applications. Rich helped him find the heart and soul of who he is and how to portray himself to colleges.

The workbook is now the foundation for his future. When you go through Rich’s process, you don’t just leave with a kick-ass identity; Rich challenged, pushed, and guided our son to ensure that each of his essays, activities, and overall applications communicated his ‘One Word’ core value beautifully. As a result, our son crushed it and was accepted to 8 out of 8 schools, including his dream school in Early Decision!

Rich is confidence-boosting and inspiring and makes this process challenging and FUN. Rich was a very important CATALYST in our son’s process and was instrumental to his success. I can’t wait to work with him again for our daughter in a few years!”


Ryan’s Mom

“If Rich’s ‘One Word’ wasn’t “CATALYST” then it would be “MAGIC” because that’s what his ‘One Word’ program creates…pure MAGIC. I am such a believer in what he has developed that not only did I hire him to discover my ‘One Word’, but also he has worked with two of my teenagers and is in the process of working with my third. Soon, our entire family will have their ‘One Word’. Why? “Know thyself” is a powerful command…understanding who you are through the perspective of how you most effectively serve others and how you are hard-wired to make an impact on those around you is the door to such satisfaction in life.

The sooner you recognize how to map who you are to how you serve, the sooner you can truly make a difference and live a life of purpose. I want this for everyone…and Rich has an incredible program that allows him to literally peer into your soul and divine what your superpower is. His process is such a great experience – humbling, moving, inspiring, and motivating. It’s truly a game changer! The best choice you can make is to allow Rich to serve as a CATALYST in your life!”

Elizabeth Nader

‘One Word’: Visionary

Meet rich keller

Rich Keller believes that everyone has a personal brand. He contends that today, technology dramatically influences that brand. Impressions have become instant, unavoidable and accessible to everyone. Clearly understanding their personal brand allows an individual to harness it, controlling all aspects of their narrative from how they are perceived by others to how they perceive themselves.
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Rich developed the philosophy of identifying a one-word core value to craft identities and utilized this for 25 years for some of the world’s most iconic brands at Nabisco, Kraft Foods, Cadbury, and Godiva. He walked away from his successful corporate career to fulfill his personal mission — to transform one million lives “One Word” at a time. Today Rich is disrupting the way people think about themselves, so they too can craft their personal one-word brand identities.

A fun fact about Rich? You can’t miss him in a crowd! He’s either wearing his signature Survivor Buff, or one of the 50 other buffs he has collected since he was a teenager.

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