Episode 3

Justin Lafazan & Dylan Gambardella

Here are the 5 things you need to know about today’s guests, Justin Lafazan and Dylan Gambardella:

Number 1: Justin is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania.

Number 1: Dylan is a graduate of Duke University.

Number 2:

  • Kat Cole, President and COO of Focus Brands, taught Justin the ‘Hot Shot Rule” and you’ll learn in this episode how this rule is helping him overcome his fear of failure.
  • Dylan shares a story about his 1st personal failure that took place in a very public forum and, in this episode, you’ll learn what impact it had.

Number 3: Justin and Dylan are the Co-Founders of Next Gen HQ, a business hub that cultivates Community, Education, Resources and Mentorship to energize the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, giving them the momentum they need to overcome obstacles and win in both business AND life.

Number 4: Justin released his book in December, 2015, What Wakes You Up?, Designing Kick-Ass Lives Through Entrepreneurship and it instantly jumped to the best seller list on Amazon.

Number 4: Dylan presented a TEDx Talk entitled “Finding Your Passion With a Community”, which focused on the pressure young people feel to pursue a certain path, and how rewarding it is to find your passion while you’re young, and pursue it.


Number 5: Justin and Dylan’s ‘One Word’ Personal Brand…Take a listen to this episode to hear their answers.

Let’s meet Justin Lafazan and Dylan Gambardella.

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