Episode 39

Hayden Humphrey

Episodes will include conversations with thought-leading entrepreneurs, emotionally intelligent business leaders and college and high school trailblazers who have accepted my challenge, discovered their ‘One Word’ personal brand and are sharing it with the world in ways that are helping them Stand-out Conquer Obstacles and Reach Excellence, in other words, SCORE.

Here are the 5 things you need to know about today’s guest, Hayden Humphrey:

Number 1:

Hayden is a graduate of Ohio University.

Number 2:

In this episode, you’ll experience first-hand how ‘One Word’ literally brought the authentic Hayden to the forefront. I often say that, “All it takes is ‘One Word’ to SCORE and Hayden proves this beautifully!

Number 3:

He empowers people to craft unscripted lives by breaking up with the scripts they were given, so they can build careers and businesses that are aligned, authentic, and joyful.

Number 4:

Hayden also founded Lift Apparel, a conscious clothing company that spreads love and supports mental health by donating 10% of profits to mental health advocacy organizations.


Number 5:

Hayden’s ‘One Word’ Personal Brand…Take a listen to this episode to hear his answer.

Let’s meet Hayden Humphrey.

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